Saturday, February 13, 2010

Potato Quesadillas

This recipe sounds so strange, but it is SO GOOD!!! This is our go-to meal... when we don't have much food in the house or have anything planned for dinner, someone always ends up suggesting these. :)

(Note: These measurements are from the original recipe. There's really no need to measure anything, though... just a layer of cream cheese, a layer of potato slices, and as much or little cheese as you want!)

Ingredients for one quesadilla:
1 large tortilla
1 oz plain or chive flavored cream cheese
1 small-to-medium cooked potato, sliced
1/4 c. shredded Mexican (or cheddar, or probably any!) cheese*

*The last couple of times that we've fixed these, we were out of all cheeses except for Swiss cheese slices. I think we actually liked them BETTER with the swiss cheese! We've tried Mexican, cheddar, and swiss and liked them all three ways.

Spread cream cheese over one half of tortilla. Lay sliced potatoes over cream cheese. Sprinkle cheese on; fold top over filling.

Spray skillet with nonstick cooking spray. Brown tortilla on both sides over medium heat until crispy and cheese is melted. Cut into wedges. Serve with salsa or taco sauce.

Yield: One quesadilla

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